Nourishing your child’s capabilities

Here at Bright Beginnings, we dedicate ourselves to giving children a nurturing atmosphere on a holistic level. To foster a love of learning and respect for oneself, others, and the environment, our child care in Austin, Texas, is devoted to providing authentic education. We also think that for a child to achieve developmental and academic milestones, there needs to be collaboration and partnership between the family and the school. We work hard to build and nurture wholesome relationships to ensure your child's welfare.

woman carrying a baby

Infant Care

Allow your child to explore for confidence and independence.

children's playing musical instrument

Toddler Play

Your toddler will have fun while learning through games and activities.

children smiling and holding pencil


We guide your child to further their academic prowess.

a teacher teaching kids in school

School Age

We build your child’s confidence to ignite their passion for learning.

children's playing

Group Summer Programs

Letting your child grow with us with the help of fun outdoor summer activities.

What We like to Achieve

It is our goal to aid each child in reaching developmental milestones expected with their age through our efforts and activities.